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Synthon Nanotech is on the mission to develop self-assembled short peptide based nanomaterials for cancer theranostics, anti-microbial applications, 3D-cell culture and bioprinting. Currently we have designed several preclinical agents and are looking forward to swift clinical translation. Our innovative technology allows intelligent construction of short peptide nano-biomaterials for in-vitro and in-vivo biomedical applications. Our portfolio of nanostructures is diverse and we would be happy to talk to you in exploring potential opportunities.


We have developed the functional peptide motifs with natural amino acids that forms self-assembled nanomaterials spontaneously via triggering the environmental conditions such as pH, solvent and temperature. These self-assembled short peptide nanomaterials have different morphologies dependent on the assembly strategies and have capability to encapsulate the poor water soluble cancer drugs via hydrophobic interaction with the guest molecules. The guest molecules that are mostly cancer drugs can also be sequester through a bottom-up strategy of co-assembly approach. Furthermore, functional groups in the peptide building blocks make the short peptide nano-agents multi-responsive that helps to release the drug in sustained fashion, as release of drug is highly dependent on the responsive nature of tumor microenvironment.